truth is like a rotten tooth, you gotta spit it out!
let the bottom two, let my wisdom work it out

July 27  ♥  9 notes

Ass according to sign


  •  Aries: Horrible
  •  Taurus: Softly
  •  Leo: Squishable
  •  Virgo: Very pretty
  •  Gemini: Beautiful
  •  Libra: Excelent
  •  Cancer: Nice asshole
  •  Aquarius: Tiny
  •  Capricorn: Perfect
  •  Scorpio: Not so ugly, not so pretty
  •  Pisces: Very good
  •  Sagitarius: No have

my horrible ass is gonna shit all over this post

cant handle my dashboard so im leaving


so people are saying that 5sos are disrespecting mexican culture by doing the mexican themed party at the forum just because they’re not mexican????? so we have to be the culture of the theme we want to do use for a party???? would i get hate for throwing a bollywood themed party even though i’m the furthest thing from indian??????